Love, Joy, Peace...


During the school year Soul Food Dinner is served on alternate Wednesday nights, the same nights as Soul Kids (2nd - 8th grade).. This is a great way to have a night off from cooking, come and eat dinner with church friends, and invite others to come too.  


Once a month after our Soul Food Dinner, adults are invited to gather for ‘Soul Talk’ during which we will hear from a speaker and be invited into conversation together. These conversations will seek to bridge the gap between our Christian faith and our cultural contexts, forming us to live gospel shaped lives in our homes and community.


Middle school students face unique challenges as they begin forming important beliefs and relationships that will give direction to the rest of their lives.  MSM is Faith's youth group specifically for girls and boys in grades 6-8, which gathers for a mix of discussions, games, and outings around Holland. This group gathers in the outlet every other Wednesday evening from 6:15-7:45.


We love to partner with parents to raise children and youth that love Jesus and each other.  Each level of our ministry provides age-appropriate teaching and activities to help our kids grow in their faith as followers of Jesus, as well as to know that the people in their church family love and value them. Soul Kids meets on alternate Wednesdays, concurrent with Soul Food Dinners. Specifically, we offer ministry opportunities for boys in grades 2-5, girls in grades 2-5, and children age 3-grade 1.


On Wednesday afternoons we offer an after school tutoring program for children who live in a local housing community that has a large population of Central America. Many of these children are learning English and our tutors and mentors provide homework help, play games and most importantly develop relationships and friendships with children and their families.

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